Mobile Assistant Announces Open API Initiative to Power Effortless Meeting Note Syncing Between Fintech Apps


Mobile Assistant, the financial services industry’s leading transcription service, has announced numerous updates. The company has announced it is building an Open API for its integration partners, additional tools to support enterprise advisory teams, and unveiled a completely new company brand to support its enhanced mission.

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“When advisors see us and learn how we can help their organizations, we knew we needed to establish a new company brand identity that would illustrate the innovations that make Mobile Assistant so critical to advisors’ client interactions and team processes. We have become so much more than just a meeting note solution,” said Corey Westphal, founder and CEO of Mobile Assistant. “The foundation of our company remains our human transcriptionists who power our technology innovations to ensure industry-leading accuracy of data delivery.”

In all, Mobile Assistant revealed three major company announcements at the 2023 Jolt! Conference, hosted by Snappy Kraken in Las Vegas on May 3-5:

Open API Development: With the development of an Open API, advisory teams will soon be able to effortlessly share their meeting note data between all their fintech applications. The open API framework will greatly enhance Mobile Assistant’s existing integrations with leading CRMs including Redtail, Wealthbox, Salesforce, SmartOffice, and Oracle | Siebel and open the door for integration with any CRM in the market. The enhancement is expected to be released by Q4 2023.

Enterprise Workflows for Advisory Teams: Mobile Assistant first unveiled its Assistant Template Manager in 2021 to make it easy for advisory teams to share workflows and dictation templates throughout an organization. Customization and team delivery of these dictation templates standardizes and replicates processes which are essential to organizational growth and efficiency

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New Brand Identity: In tandem with its increased focus on enterprise processes, workflows and Open AI data sharing, Mobile Assistant also unveiled the next iteration of its brand identity. Complete with a new logo and company website, the new brand fully supports Mobile Assistant’s mission of combining cutting-edge technology with human transcription expertise while communicating that the service has evolved into so much more than just a meeting note solution.

“The efficiency, accuracy, and overall simplicity are only a few of the reasons we love Mobile Assistant,” said Cassity Wingenbach, Director of Practice Management at Eide Bailly Financial Services. “This tool is a part of our best practices and we continue to find additional ways for it to solve firm issues. We look forward to future enhancements and continued firm adoption!”

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