AI-Powered Chat Assistant Enhancing Banking Experience for Banks & Credit Unions


Spearheading the era of Interactive Intelligence for Banking,’s new product suite, Sphere, uniquely converges the System of Engagement and System of Intelligence, a frontrunner in providing AI-powered solutions for the financial industry, announced the launch of Sphere – an innovative generative AI-powered multimodal assistant mirroring capabilities of ChatGPT. This trailblazing product suite offers a radical approach to banking, reshaping customer and employee experiences in banks and credit unions.

As the marquee solution, Sphere leverages a mix of general and banking-specific AI, laying the groundwork to radically change banking experiences. Designed as a hyperautomation tool, it aims to automate nearly 95% of all inquiries currently handled by customer support, contributing to significant improvements in operational efficiency.

Srinivas Njay, Co-founder and CEO at, shed light on the core aspects of Sphere, “This generative AI solution is designed to offer pervasive, enterprise-wide solutions for credit unions and banks. It performs as a steadfast champion, aiding tasks and persistently guiding customers towards financial wellness. With its advanced capabilities, Sphere facilitates faster knowledge acquisition and task completion, significantly augmenting and automating tasks for customers and employees. For customers, Sphere serves as a universal channel, eliminating the need for traditional online and mobile banking, and for employees, it negates the necessity to switch between multiple applications.”

Estela Nagahashi, EVP, Chief Operating Officer at University Credit Union, expressed her appreciation for Sphere’s impact, “At UCU,’s Sphere replaces 14-15 applications, enhancing our frontline operations’ efficiency by a factor of 10. This multimodal AI assistant empowers our contact centers and branch employees by offering efficient access to policies, procedures, and member knowledge.”

The newly introduced product suite, fueled by generative AI, comprises Sphere for Customers and Sphere for Employees. Both offer an industry-first, ChatGPT-like universal channel, replete with a variety of innovative features.

Sphere for Customers stands as a groundbreaking channel, integrating multimodal inputs and outputs that combine text, visuals, audio, and video. Key features include an ‘in-context maestro’ that provides intelligent, real-time guidance and a ‘co-pilot’ that constantly supports users throughout their journeys. A marketplace of plugins further bolsters its functionality with integrations to all major banking systems and drives adaptability while enhancing the customer experience.

Transitioning to Sphere for Employees, this revolutionary assistant is designed to be a comprehensive tool for frontline staff. Like its counterpart, it comes with multimodal inputs and outputs that combine text, visual, audio, and video, providing a seamless, interactive experience.

One of its standout features is the ‘bullpen’, which smoothly hands off the context from the AI chat or call to the AI assistant used by frontline staff. In addition, it integrates seamlessly with Nexus, pulling up the necessary documents right when they’re needed. Nexus is a 360-degree dashboard that provides frontline staff with all the necessary information – customer details, their queries, and related documents. It even highlights the relevant sections in the documents or triggers appropriate actions via API or RPA when needed.

Sphere for Employees also features a ‘co-pilot’ offering constant assistance throughout the staff’s journey. Like Sphere for Customers, it includes a marketplace of plugins, further boosting its functionality and adaptability. Sphere for Employees replaces multiple applications traditionally used by frontline staff, thereby dramatically augmenting operational efficiency. This transformation is set to redefine how banking frontline teams operate and engage, making it a game-changer in the industry.


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