Public Launches Alpha, Powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 for Investment Research

Leveraging publicly shared market data on stock prices and earnings, retail investors now get additional context on publicly traded companies through Alpha

Public, an investing platform that allows members to invest in stocks, treasuries, ETFs, crypto, and alternative assets, announced the rollout of Alpha, a project to enhance your investing experience with artificial intelligence powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4. Alpha dramatically reduces the time retail investors spend researching and tracking their investments by allowing investors to ask market-specific questions to OpenAI’s GPT-4. Additionally, Public’s market data being used by Alpha will be available as a plugin to ChatGPT-4 subscribers.

Currently, retail investors have to dig through financial data, read dozens of news articles, track hundreds of metrics, and read hour-long earnings transcripts to decide what to invest in and maintain a portfolio. Now with Alpha, investors can access real-time data and historical information about tens of thousands of assets in a contextualized manner. Using the chat function on any stock or asset page, investors can communicate with a virtual research assistant to find the specific market data they want rather than sifting through pages of financial data, transcripts, news stories, or analyst reports.

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Alpha’s natural language interface can already help with several frequent tasks that Public’s members perform every day, including the ability to evaluate stock performance, screen the markets in real-time, compare top movers of the day, retrieve relevant news articles about an asset, and summarize earnings calls right after they happen.

“Alpha has the ability to sift through thousands of analyst reports, market data, and earnings call transcripts, allowing investors to have access to in-depth insights on publicly traded companies in record time,” said Jannick Malling, co-CEO and co-founder of Public. “We’re excited about the opportunity that Alpha provides our members as it’s a giant step forward in helping them make more informed investment decisions.”

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Alpha is currently rolling out this summer to all investors on Public, giving them another tool to gain additional context on their portfolios. Subscribers to ChatGPT-4 can leverage Alpha through the OpenAI plug-in network. By leveraging Public’s comprehensive market data and information, Alpha helps investors find the answers they are looking for quickly and accurately.


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