Effective Management of Credit and Debit Card Portfolios

Training description

This module is crafted for payment professionals embracing the challenges of managing a payment card portfolio. During this course participants will grasp a fundamental knowledge on Portfolio Management KPIs. Will understand the nature of the KPIs, the context of their importance and ways to follow up. Participants will be able to get aware of the strategic and tactical KPIs from every part of the Lifecycle management of any card product. Participants will be able to grasp a detailed overview on the cost and revenue structure of any product, regardless a debit or credit card product. The effective management of an existing credit card business through portfolio analysis. KPIs for better understanding payments cards portfolio – Debit & Credit cards. Participants will gain integral knowledge over the card portfolio management. Will be able to collect and thoroughly analyse business driven data and model it to feature company strategy for growth

Covered topics

  • Introduction to the basics of credit and debit card portfolio management
  • Overview of various types of card portfolios – Credit, Debit, Commercial, Prepaid
  • Identifying the key metrics to measure credit and debit card portfolio performance
  • Analyzing and interpreting credit and debit card portfolio data
  • Credit card profitability, including the key drivers of cost and revenue
  • Card P&L and Budgeting Fundamentals for credit and debit cards
  • Best practices for monitoring and reporting on credit and debit card portfolios
  • Case studies and real-world examples of successful credit and debit card portfolio management
  • Practice session with a card budgeting spreadsheet model for hands-on learning
  • Exploring future trends and innovations in credit and debit card portfolio management

Recommended for:

  • Product managers
  • Product Owners
  • Project Managers
  • Business development professionals
  • Anyone involved in the management of credit and debit cards produtcs
Schedule – on demand

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