Liquid Payments Revolutionizes Healthcare Payments with Advanced A/R Automation Module


Liquid Payments, a leading provider of innovative patient payments solutions, is proud to announce the launch of their new Accounts Receivable Automation (A/R Automation) module as part of its comprehensive payments platform. Taking Robotics Processing Automation (RPA) to the next level, this advanced feature offers fully automated receivables management with configurable messages and frequency, empowering healthcare providers to optimize their payment processes and improve revenue cycle management.

Designed to transform the way medical and dental practices handle patient billing, Liquid’s A/R Automation module enables an automated, paperless, and digital payments experience, furnishing a seamless and efficient process for both providers and patients. The customizable options for messaging and invoicing intervals means practices can tailor payment reminders and notifications to their specific patients and workflow, ensuring effective communication and faster payment collection.

As the proverbial icing on the cake, and by leveraging its existing RPA assets, Liquid brings the patient A/R process full circle by automatically applying any payments made directly to the patient account in the underling practice management system. Gone are the days of expending time, resources, and cost on printing and mailing statements only for patients to have to figure out how to remit payment, and in turn, creating longer A/R cycles and resource-heavy processes.

“My goal is to continuously innovate and provide healthcare practices with cutting-edge solutions enhancing their operations and improving the patient payment experience,” said Liquid Payments CEO Shashi Kapur. “With the introduction of our latest A/R automation component, we are taking our commitment to the next level, offering a simplified and automated payment process. Practices can streamline workflows, optimize their resources by reducing the manual effort and allocate them towards providing high quality patient care.”

Liquid Payments’ comprehensive payments platform now offers A/R automation alongside the One-Click Payment integration. The One-Click Payment feature, launched earlier this year, provides faster, more accurate processing of patient payments and eliminates manual steps as transaction data is automatically rendered to Liquid from the PMS’ appointments calendar.

Designed for healthcare organizations, medical and dental practices of all sizes and specialties, Liquid Payments’ end-to-end patient payments solution offers a comprehensive suite of payment features. This includes a seamless point-of-sale experience, the latest payment terminals, payment-card tokenization, mobile payment options, card-on-file capabilities, and e-commerce features.

Through their intuitive and user-friendly interface, patients can easily make payments, accelerating the payment cycle and improving cash flow for healthcare providers. Automated reminders further enhance the patient experience, ensuring that payment obligations are promptly addressed.

“The combination of Liquid Payments’ advanced automation and the convenience of one-click payments has transformed our payment processes. It has significantly reduced our administrative burden, improved cash flow, and ultimately enhanced our practice’s financial performance,” said Amy Scoggins from Uptown Charlotte Smiles dental practice.

Building upon the success of their previous one-click payment feature, with Liquid Payments’ Accounts Receivable Automation (A/R Automation), healthcare providers can unlock the benefits of a fully digital platform, making it easier for patients to pay, accelerating payments, and automating payment reminders.



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